936 Connect – All In One Composite Wall Weatherization System

Focusing on Performance

When Quik-Therm entered into the insulation industry, it's primary focus wasn’t to create better insulation products – it was to develop physics based, high performance, low cost, multifunctional, weatherization systems that would require fewer components.

Since then we have been fortunate to work and collaborate with many of North America’s finest Building Science organizations. Quik-Therm has conducted approximately 65 ASTM standard test procedures – including 30+ C1363 effective R-value wall assembly tests and multiple hygrothermal analysis, structural and wall drainage and drying tests.

Quik-Therm 936 Connect - Includes Vapour, Thermal and Air Control Layers. Installs With a Framing Nailer

No Poly. No Exterior Sheathing. No House-Wrap. Code Compliant.

Investing in Building Science

As a consequence of our investment in building science, testing and research, Quik-Therm has developed a composite, high tech, low cost, wall weatherization system that incorporates the vapour, thermal and air control layers and structure. In one application, a framing nailer fastens and hermetically seals the 2” thick 936 composite panels to 2×4 wood framed walls.  The system is developed for homes, low rise wood frame buildings and modular construction.

Lower Cost. Installs Faster. Better Performance.

  • Achieves 30%+ Superior Effective R-value Performance vs. Conventional 2×6 walls.
  • Virtually NO Thermal Bridging.
  • NBCC Compliant.
  • No Poly. No Exterior Sheathing. No House-Wrap.
  • Similar or Lower Material Costs vs. 2×6 Walls
  • Installs Fast.

Available Spring 2021

For more information contact ted@quiktherm.com