Winnipeg Company Announce The Impending Launch Of Their New Innovative Technologically Advanced Wall Weatherization Insulation System For Homes

WINNIPEG, Canada – Quik-Therm, a locally owned and operated development and design insulation technology company, based in Winnipeg, Canada, is delighted to announce the impending launch of their latest product. The new product, 936 Connect, is a technologically advanced wall weatherization (insulation) system for homes, low-rise wood-frame buildings, and modular builds. 936 Connect is a unique, simple insulation solution.

936 Connect consists of just two fundamental components, with no need for exterior sheathing, house wrap, or a six mil poly vapour barrier. A pneumatic nailer fastens the 2” thick 936 connect panels to wood wall framing – creating a pre-tension clamping force that hermetically seals the all-encompassing air, vapour, and thermal control layers to the wall framing system. In the same fashion as conventional wood-framed walls, the service stud bays are filled with cavity insulation.

936 Connect costs less, installs faster, and provides 30%+ superior effective R-value performance – compared to conventional house walls. 936 Connect is capable of achieving the Passive House Standard of 0.6 air changes per hour. As a result of 936’s design efficiencies, building owners will benefit from superior comfort and ever-increasing energy savings, as well as carbon tax savings as a result of reduced emissions. Buildings with 936 walls will also be able to take advantage of increased usable floor space.

“As a company, we are always trying to move our technology forward – developing products and systems that maximize energy efficiency and save our customers money,” said Ted Cullen of Quik-Therm. “As an environmentally focused company, we take great pride in being part of the solution regarding climate change. We are particularly proud of the 936 Connect Wall Weatherization System, and based on initial reviews, we are confident it has the potential to become a market-leading conservation technology.”

Quik-Therm’s philosophy and passion is to create physics-based building envelope solutions that are environmentally responsible, require fewer components, install faster, and cost less. For more information about the company and its innovative energy-saving technologies visit their website at