Winnipeg Insulation Company Announces Launch Of Their New Wall Weatherization System For Homes & Low-Rise Buildings

WINNIPEG, Canada – Quik-Therm, an innovative and forward-thinking designer and manufacturer of residential and commercial insulation systems, based in Winnipeg, Canada, is delighted to announce the launch of their innovative and revolutionary 936 Connect Wall Weatherization System. The new product, 936 Connect, is a technologically advanced wall weatherization (insulation) system for homes, low-rise wood-framed buildings, and modular builds. 936 Connect is a patent pending, composite wall weatherization technology.

936 Connect consists of just two fundamental components. There is no requirement for exterior sheathing, house wrap, or a six mil poly vapour barrier. A pneumatic nailer fastens the 2” thick 936 composite panels to wood wall framing – creating a pre-tension clamping force that hermetically seals the all-encompassing air, vapour and thermal control layers to the wall framing. In the same fashion as conventional wood-framed walls, the service stud bays are filled with cavity insulation. The 936 Connect system is faster to install, performs better than conventional methods by 30%+, and costs less.

“Quik-Therm is at the forefront of insulation technology and is always focused and committed to pushing the barriers and developing the next generation of insulation products,” said Ted Cullen. “With the launch of our 936 Connect Wall Weatherization System, we believe we have created a product that will disrupt and revolutionize the market. We are very excited about the future of our company and cannot wait to get the feedback from our first batch of customers.”

Quik-Therm’s philosophy and passion is to create physics-based building envelope solutions that are environmentally responsible, require fewer components, install faster, and cost less.

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