Net Zero Homes / Energy Efficient Homes and Buildings are the Future

The definition of a Net Zero home is a home or building which produces as much energy as it consumes. This is achieved by high levels of thermal resistance (insulation), minimal air leakage, renewable energy sources and sophisticated (HVAC) mechanical heating and cooling devices. Presently, Net Zero is achievable, but expensive.

For many home buyers the cost of a Net Zero home or building outweighs its longer term benefits.  However, the cost of investing in innovative weatherization technology (insulation and air sealing) is the best investment you can make. The innovative weatherization technology is called Quik-Therm Insulation Solutions. Depending on how and where it is utilized, Quik-Therm products and systems are air, vapour and radon barriers and high performance insulators – all in one.

Including labour, it will cost approximately 3% additional to weatherize/insulate a new home or building with Quik-Therm. However, the investment in Quik-Therm can reduce the home or building’s heating and cooling costs by up to 70%, without the need for high tech and expensive Mechanical/HVAC systems.

For example, if heating and cooling costs are projected to be $1,500 annually, utilizing Quik-Therm throughout the building can reduce costs by approximately $1,000.  As an added bonus, the building will offer superior comfort and health related benefits (no mold) – and according to a recent study, its value will increase by up to 9%.  Read More

Connect Wall Assembly 3Unlike many insulation products, Quik-Therm insulation products and systems are sustainable and environmentally responsible. Quik-Therm contains recycled expanded polystyrene, does not off gas and is inert.

Savings and long term value are impressive with Quik-Therm. For starters, deduct the 3% added cost for Quik-Therm insulation from the home or buildings 9% increased value. From the very beginning, your new home or building is worth approximately 6% more than a conventionally constructed building. But that’s not all. How about energy savings and the effect the savings could have on your mortgage and disposable income? For example, if you apply the energy savings to your mortgage, your mortgage will be paid off years earlier, saving tens of thousands of dollars. Not only that, you will hedge against future energy increases which are projected to double or possibly triple over the next twenty years or so.

Do the math – consider long term energy savings, increased home value and mortgage interest. You will be astonished at how fast and how much Quik-Therm insulation PAYS YOU BACK. Quik-Therm products and systems have been tested by Certified Laboratories and are supported by Building Scientists. Learn More