“Home of Tomorrow” Video Promo

Wilden’s “Home of Tomorrow” has completed installing Quik-Therm Connect, and is now ready for cladding.  During the process, Wilden asked Derek Snitynsky and Raymond Belanger from Quik-Therm to talk about the product, the project, and the current state of building.  Take a look at the following video, with the transcript below.

“Our product is Quik-Therm Connect and what it is, is two inches of expanded polystyrene foam with a built in wood insert located at 16 inches on centre.  This is ideal for the connectivity point of view, to attach it to the structure, and also to allow the cladding to be attached to the product.

One thing that Quik-Therm Insulation provides is full scale modelling with our testing.  While some insulation products will just test that single product, it doesn’t take into account the wood studs, the windows, whatever it might be.  With Quik-Therm, we want to test the whole wall profile, and that’s what they are doing with the Wilden Living Lab here – putting sensors in the walls and actually seeing what it performs like in a real life model.

When new innovation comes out, a lot of contractors are very resistant to that change.  When the 2010 building code came out, energy efficiency was a major part of that.  The reality was that homes had to be built better.  I look at this project and I look at the young contractors coming up looking at outsulation as an alternative or an advancement to the energy efficiency of the building. It starts at the beginning of some of the young people’s careers, getting them to understand different ways of building buildings – better ways of building buildings.

The value of this project is great, it’s a precedent for not only our company, but for the industry in general.  We really don’t see many buildings like this, doing these side by side comparisons between the minimum building code – which is essentially the minimum, not the best way to build – compared to the Home of Tomorrow that we are going to be seeing a lot more and more in the coming years.”