Building excitement across Canada

Homeowners in Western Canada are increasingly recognizing the advantages of using Quik-Therm CIS (interior concrete insulation system) for insulating basement walls. However, as the story below shows, the benefits of using Quik-Therm CIS for basement insulation are also being realized by those who live in Canada’s warmer regions.

This past spring and summer, a homeowner in the Halifax Regional Municipality (H.R.M.) built a Kent Homes’ modular home with a full concrete basement. The home was designed, installed and finished by Grandview Homes Inc. Grandview and Kent Homes both promote the building of warm and energy efficient homes. After hearing about the air-tightness and insulating qualities of Quik-Therm CIS, including its prevention of thermal bridging, they and the homeowner wanted to use it. We are pleased to report that after the basement was finished, infra-red imaging proved Quik-Therm CIS performed as advertised.

One small twist to the story was the involvement of an H.R.M. building inspector. As Quik-Therm CIS is a newer basement insulation product, the building inspector questioned whether its use would comply with the H.R.M.’s current building code. After reading technical and engineering reports for Quik-Therm CIS, the building inspector quickly approved its use in the home.

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