Best Below Grade Insulation – Quik-Therm Sub-grade Insulation (SGI)

Basically there are three types of foam insulations suitable for below grade applications. They are expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS) and Quik-Therm Sub-grade Insulation (SGI). Rather than debate the qualities of these below grade insulations, let’s consider what happens during and after they are installed.

Quik-Therm SGI SheetsBelow grade insulations take a lot of abuse. They are often squeezed in place, twisted, stepped on, driven on and beat on. EPS and XPS are brittle; consequently they easily chip, crack and break. During the installation process they must be handled with care. And, unless the chips, cracks and breaks are repaired after the installation, expensive energy is lost directly into the ground. These breaches also allow moisture to come in direct contact with and potentially penetrate into concrete walls and floors. Unlike EPS or XPS, Quik-Therm SGI’s EPS foam core is laminated on both sides with durable and flexible polymer facers.

Quik-Therm SGI Rolls

Quik-Therm SGI is rugged, flexible and durable and will not easily be chipped or damaged due to its superior durability and flexibility, SGI is available in convenient 196 sq. ft. rolls. Quik-Therm SGI rolls have an Effective R-value of R-5.2 and are super fast and easy to install. SEE VIDEO HERE

There is another major benefit Quik-Therm SGI has over EPS or XPS. SGI is an approved vapour and radon barrier. Depending on thickness and density, EPS and XPS are most often referred to as vapour retarders and are generally not accepted as vapour or radon barriers. For EPS and XPS to meet radon and vapour barrier qualifications a sheet of 6 mil poly is required at the time of installation. This additional step increases material and labour costs.  Read more here.

SGI RadiantQuik-Therm SGI is environmentally responsible. It does not off gas, is recyclable and contains up to 15% recycled EPS. SGI is available in variable thicknesses and densities and Effective R-values. Quik-Therm SGI has been tested by certified laboratories and is supported by building science engineers. Click Here to learn more about Quik-Therm SGI.