Winnipeg Design Company Launches New Matrix Composite Roofing Insulation System

WINNIPEG, Canada – Quik-Therm, a locally owned and operated development and design company based in Winnipeg, Canada, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative and technologically advanced roofing insulation system.

Matrix is a patent pending, science-based roofing insulation system. Matrix consists of two or more layers of Quik-Therm Air Dry Connect. The bottom layer runs peak to eave (high to low), and the top layer runs gable to gable (side to side). Spaced 16” OC., three precision 3/4” thick x 2.5” wide plywood battens or optional steel furring is embedded into Type 2 EPS panels. Unobstructed drying channels are located on the bottom panel side. Perforated, Low E-like polymer facers are laminated to both sides of the panels.

Matrix’s effective R-value performance is superior to conventional clip and rail and continuous steel girt systems. Plywood battens or steel furring and fasteners are covered by, or encapsulated within Matrix’s EPS foam core. As a consequence, the potential for interior dripping, fastener corrosion, material degradation, and mould are substantially mitigated.

Quik-Therm Insulation Solutions Inc. has undertaken a program of full-scale thermal performance testing to ASTM C1363-05 Standard Test Method for Thermal Performance of Building Materials and Envelope Assemblies. Testing confirmed that the presence of the shallow flutes and plywood furring strips did not significantly affect the thermal performance of the assembly when compared to the assembly containing Quik-Therm Multi-Purpose Insulation.

“As a company, we are always trying to move things forward and develop products that maximize energy efficiency and, in the long term, save our customers money,” said Ted Cullen. “We are particularly proud of our Matrix Composite Roofing Insulation System, and are confident it has the potential to become a market-leading product and system.”

Quik-therm is a locally owned and operated design and development company that manufactures market-leading products. Their philosophy is to create science-based insulation solutions that require fewer components, that install faster, and cost less. For more information about the company or its Matrix Composite Roofing Insulation System, visit their website at