Quik-Therm™ Insulation and Net-Zero Homes

Image 1Quik-Therm™ Insulation has been involved in several passive and net-zero homes in Edmonton.  In basements, Quik-Therm achieves an effective R-40 with an 8” wall depth.  Home owners that are concerned about mold, radon or giving up valuable living space should consider Quik-Therm. No wood or fiberglass is used in the Quik-Therm wall assembly, which is ideal for western Canadian basement walls that are prone to condensation, mold and health concerns. Major labor savings are also achieved by combining 4 activities in the initial installation.

Image 2


Innovative designs also add to energy efficiency by creating a continuous envelope from under-slab to basement to above grade insulation.  This design is code compliant in being a radon/vapor barrier and meeting the required effective insulation requirements. Visit www.quiktherm.com for additional details.