Beyond Basement Insulation System (BIS)

High performance insulation system

The proprietary Beyond Basement Insulation System (BIS) achieves code compliance as an all one one air, vapour and radon barrier and high performance insulation system. BIS installs fast and requires 50% less lumber than conventional framing methods. The BIS kit includes everything you see in the video, except framing. BIS ships right to your door just about anywhere in North America.

Technical Data & Literature

Quik-Therm Beyond Basement Inulation System is a flood resistant patented high performance, ALL-IN-ONE composite insulation system. BIS is designed for interior basement, masonry, retrofit walls and heritage buildings. BIS meets code as an all in one air, vapour and radon barrier.

Professionals - Q&A

Does the Beyond Basement Insulation (BIS) system absorb moisture?

No. Unlike all fiber batt insulation products, BIS is impervious to moisture.

Do I need a poly vapour barrier with BIS?

No. BIS is an all in one, air, vapour and radon barrier.

How easy is BIS to install?

BIS is super simple to install. Just about anybody can install it. BIS is an all in one insulation, framing, air, vapour and radon barrier system. Typically, BIS installs in about 1/2 the time of wood studs, batt and poly.

Is there a warranty for the Beyond Basement Insulation System (BIS)?

Yes. Quik-Therm provides a Lifetime Warranty that is transferable to subsequent home owners.

Is BIS (Beyond Basement Insulation System) eligible for government energy savings programs?

Yes. BIS is eligible for government energy savings initiatives such as the Manitoba Hydro Power Smart Program.

What benefits do QT’s reflective polymer facers provide?

  • Increased durability. Does not easily chip, crack or break
  • Increased comfort. Radiates heat back to the inside.
  • No poly required. Easy taping
  • Enhances the Effective R-value of assemblies

Why did Quik-Therm choose the Effective R-value test method ASTM C1363, while other insulation manufacturers typically test to the nominal R-value standard ASTM C518?

Quik-Therm tests to both ASTM C518 (labeled R-value) and ASTM C1363 (effective R-value). New Canadian energy codes mandate the use of effective R-value. Since effective R-value is now the standard for R-value performance, QT chose the test method based on the standard.

Does QT off-gas and/or lose R-value over time?

No. QT has no Long Term Thermal Resistance loss (LTTR).