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Third Party Testing - Air Dry Connect

R-Value Testing   Air & Vapour Testing   Fire & Smoke Testing
Use of Effective R-Value   Vapour Barrier Testing   Fire Testing S-101 
Air Dry Effective R-Value    Air, Vapour and Radon Barrier   EPS Behaviour In Fire
Air Dry R-Value Schematic   QT Air Barrier Testing     Fire Test Video
Nominal R-value Testing   Tape Tech Data    
    Vapour Barrier Paint    
National Building Code   Science Supports Air Dry
  Professionals - Q&A
Air Dry Code Compliancy   Drainage & Drying Plane   Commonly Asked Questions
by Professionals
& Code Officials
In-Outboard Insulation Ratio   Understanding Drainage Planes    
CCMC Listing Type 1   RDH - Vapour Drive    
CCMC Listing Type 2        


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